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We're Closed

For a while now, we’ve noticed a pattern… of people turning up to Forza Win Peckham, hungry and hyped to experience how we do things. Having to frequently to turn these people away on the basis of not having a ticket is:
  1. Not pleasurable (for you or for us!)
  2. Hard to explain
  3. Ridiculous – when our continual goal is getting you eating our delicious food and having a great time!

You probably know this situation all too well and have caught us explaining ourselves a million times. But, lately, we’ve found this increasingly more difficult to justify. To the point of realising the only answer to this problem is: we must change.

Since we opened, five years ago, we’ve been doing this ticketing thing. Whilst it has been awesome in so many ways, and we continually selling out nights, we are eager to spread our Forza love further and wider! 

So, we’ve listened and decided it’s about time we grow up, open our doors to you all! We’ll even be taking bookings… (whaaaat?! crazy!)

What happens after October?

Well, all will be revealed in good time... But essentially, imagine a massive lively warehouse with seasonal, well-priced plates of Italian food, served in a relaxed environment you’ve come to know from us.