The best of Britains Summer

Summer Season 16

​Remember that scene in The Godfather?​

Where they're all sat at a big long table enjoying the Italian Summer and the fruits of Mother Nature's labour?

Well, keep imagining, then put it in London, in a massive Warehouse during English Summer, on two long communal tables instead of one, and no Gingham check tablecloths or moody haircuts (likely more come to think of it)
We've been at this for a good while now, and Summer is the one thing we know, inside out. 

This Summer, Forza Win will be 5 courses, spread across an entire evening. The doors will be open, the grills will be hot and the wine will be flowing (and very reasonably priced...)

Massive steaks are the centrepiece, and when we say massive, we mean really, really big. Whole rumps have been aging with Flock & Herd in preparation for this and will come to the table resting on flatbreads.