Interested in working with us?

We really, really, really enjoy what we do. Not in that airy way that many companies say; we properly, genuinely have a wicked time. If you’d like to be part of our team, drop us a line with your CV and an email about yourself anytime. Opportunities, as they arise, will be described below:

Do you want to cook and know how?

Forza Win started as ‘one of them trendy pop ups’ about five years ago. It moved around like a hermit crab to all sorts of places and then found home in Peckham 3 years ago. That home has seen some action - huge communal dinners 3 nights a week with one woodfired grill and two enormous tables. Well, it’s 5 years old now, and we've changed. We're looking for peopel who want a career here, not a quick in-fill job:

  • Enthusiasm and the right attitude trumps experience any day, but no previous experience is not a possibility either.
  • You need to know your way around a commercial kitchen.
  • You need a passion for ingredient lead, unfussy classic Italian cooking.
  • You should be solid Chef de Partie level, with experience of working in a busy and adapting environment.
  • You should be eager, hard-working, and not afraid to run around a bit!

In exchange for the above we offer good hours and good pay with good people. We’re not shouty ‘throw your spatula at someone for burning some garlic’ people, we’re human and have worked hard to make sure that this is a great place to work. There are no big investors or banks breathing down our neck - we really, genuinely love what we do here and we like to think that is why people keep coming back.

interested? drop us an email to: